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Summer Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe

Humans and pets love to spend time outside in the summer. Unfortunately, there are hungry ticks outside looking to make you or your pet their next meal. There are a few things that you can do to help keep you both safe. 

  • Use tick repellant.
    • Treat clothing, collars, and bandanas with Permethrin-based insect repellant such as Sawyer. 
    • Use oral medications that will kill ticks that attach to your pet.
  • Perform regular tick checks after your pet is outside.  You do not want to have the ticks catch a ride inside your house.  
    • Run your hands over your dog's fur going in the opposite direction of the way that your dog's fur lays naturally. This makes it easier to see your dog's skin.
    • pay close attention to your dog’s face, ears, belly, groin, and feet.
    • Remove any ticks on your pet ASAP. The longer that a tick stays attached the more likely it is to transfer disease. 
  • Take steps to make your backyard less hospitable for ticks.
    • Clear and remove dead brush.
    • Remove leaf litter and grass clippings.
    • Keep grass and vegetation short.

Do not leave pets unattended in a vehicle

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