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Located less than a mile from The Long Trail and right off the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail makes us a frequent stop for backpackers and cyclists. Stop by and talk to our Outdoor Recreation department manager Kyle, he has a passion for Outdoor Gear and will be happy to help you find the right gear for your adventure!

Long Trail Re-Supplies

Long Trail re-supplies are accepted here, please call us for details.

All packages not picked up by 11/1 will be added to our hiker box and any perishable items will be thrown out. 

Proud Sponsor of The Green Mountain Club

Supplies for all your camping and backpacking needs!

We offer quality and durable goods for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities across all seasons including: 

  • Tents, hardware & repair kits
  • Backpacks & hydration packs
  • Sleeping bags, pads & mattresses
  • Lighting, headlamps & hiking poles
  • Cooking supplies, stoves & fuel
  • Backpacking meals and energy bars
  • Coolers, camp furniture, sun block & repellents
  • Maps, guides & informational resources
  • Quality outdoor footwear & apparel

Hikers at a Long Trail Shelter.